Im into any type of breath control, whether it be, choking, hanging, strangulation, suffocation or GOM. love human ad anime strangulation.

Anything I reblog, or post, is something i've had done to me or something i wish would happen to me.
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How often do you play with a partner?

I can count on one hand how many times a year I get to truly get into breath play. My partners who get really into are in different states. Ive yet to find anyone remotely local to regularly play with, I had one friend who was into it, but he moved away. so so far, this year has been two partners ive played with.

I have several questions 1. What does your experience with ethyl chloride feel like? 2. How difficult was it to figure out your proper knockout does? 3. Do you prefer a slow, gentle, sensual knockout, or a fast and brutal one? 4. Will we ever see you going to sleep?

OK, lol

1. When the EC comes over my mouth and nose, at first its pretty rough, I always cough, but im use to it now, I still cough, but I know what to expect. what I feel; is a warm tingling sensation traveling through my body, it gets numb, and as I can feel my body giving in against its will, A ringing sound is trapped along with a  buzzing noise is trapped in my head.

2. The dose wasn’t for me to figure out, but judging from how long he sprayed the rag with EC normally a  1-2 second spray will take me down. but for me, the first initial dose gets me paralyzed feeling, my eyes are closed or slightly opened, but I cant move, everything is so sluggish, a second dose will put me out for a  good 3 mins.

3. I prefer both, I love the aggressiveness of a brutal KO (excluding blunt force trauma) that hand viciously covering my mouth, or an gentle but definitely KO will turn me on as well. like a sleeper hold.

4. I have talked about with past playmates, but no one seems up to the task.