Im into any type of breath control, whether it be, choking, hanging, strangulation, suffocation or GOM. love human ad anime strangulation.

Anything I reblog, or post, is something i've had done to me or something i wish would happen to me.
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Hopefully you'll have more than stories to share. Where did he even get that stuff?

What stuff are you talking about? If you’re talkin about Maximum impact, you can get it at some sex shops.

When was the first time you were knocked out by a choke or drugs? Also, how come you don't update more often?

By a choke when I was 18, my friend put me in a sleeper hold and I woke up with him fuckin my mouth. lol Drugs, I would have to say 21-22. The same buddy used roofies on me. And I would update, but im always at school or work. Or working out. Im gonna have a buddy visit me in town soon, so i’ll have stories for all my subscribers. :)

How often do you play with a partner?

I can count on one hand how many times a year I get to truly get into breath play. My partners who get really into are in different states. Ive yet to find anyone remotely local to regularly play with, I had one friend who was into it, but he moved away. so so far, this year has been two partners ive played with.