Im into any type of breath control, whether it be, choking, hanging, strangulation, suffocation or GOM. love human ad anime strangulation.

Anything I reblog, or post, is something i've had done to me or something i wish would happen to me.
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Having tried them both, could you compare Hardware and Maximum Impact?

well from my personal experience, max impact puts me in a numb kinda state, its really a hassle to move or have some sort of coordination. Or im so numb I don’t even know if my body parts are moving. And when I fade out of complete consciousness its like light dimmer. I slowly go out with a very loud ringing noise in my head. VS Hardware where I just go out, there is no levels of fading consciousness you just go out like a light. and you so lose a concept of time in a sense, it literally felt like hours maybe even a day went by, as I woke up.